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Winning the War for Time

Leaders are not impetuous. They keep a balance between emotional drive and sound thinking. Enthusiasm stimulates their energy.

A short battle for time can be won with the techniques of the previous chapter. But you can only win the war with a philosophical base. You have to face such questions as "Why do I want to get more out of time? Is it my fear of God or judgment? Is it because I want to become famous or make money? Am I part of a peer group that always seems busy? What's the real reason to squeeze more into my days and weeks?"

These days, haste has become almost a status symbol. People assume, If I'm busier than you are, I must be more important. They don't wait for planes to stop before they're up grabbing coats and carry-on luggage. They drive their cars aggressively, trying to get someplace thirty seconds sooner.

I was in a cafeteria recently, and a fellow was trying to get past me to the cashier. I could tell I was supposed to be impressed with the fact he was so busy.

Maybe I've ...

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