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Overseeing Staff

I have to remind myself on almost a daily basis that I'm here to help other people succeed. It's in their success that I experience success.
—Don Cousins

One of the most critical responsibilities a church manager has is to build a well-functioning team of workers. In few areas of church life is there more latitude for grand opportunities or dismal failures. A unified team of motivated, well-trained church workers can accomplish just about any ministry objective. But allow that work force to degenerate into factions, or neglect to properly equip workers for their tasks, and a church can wither.

The key to fruitfulness in ministry is fruitfulness in the lives of the individual workers. Therefore, an effective leader must be committed not only to the organization's goals but also—and especially—to the people making them a reality.

Commitment to Others

Jesus said, "The greatest shall be a servant," and then he modeled servant-style leadership. What is this kind of leadership? Simply put, a servant-leader ...

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