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Overseeing Church Finances

There are many techniques and practices that every church can employ to insure efficient and proper use of funds. In most cases they also happen to be techniques that engender trust.
—Arthur DeKruyter

Knowing the right ways to raise and spend money is a key task of anyone who helps manage a church. But there's an often-overlooked prerequisite to good money management: trust. A church doesn't need money as much as it needs trust. Without trust, a church will always have money problems. By addressing the trust issue, a church has taken a major step toward financial health.

About twelve years ago, a woman was tragically killed in this community. Having no church home, the family asked if Christ Church of Oak Brook would hold the services. Without hesitation, we did. Subsequently, the widower became intrigued by the church that was willing to help his family, to offer genuine comfort in their grief. He began attending our services.

He studied us carefully. He wanted to know how our ministries ...

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