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The Subtle Temptations of Preaching

How we're tempted to bend the Word to fit our words! It is a most devious temptation: to preach selectively, to avoid a lot of subjects, to slide by passages we don't want to talk about, to manipulate Scripture to say what I would have inspired it to say had I been the Holy Spirit.
—Stuart Briscoe
Whereas, preaching is a valuable gift of God, and
Whereas, the proclamation of God's revealed truth is a major aspect
  of pastoral ministry, and
Whereas, through the preaching of the Word, people come to faith,
Whereas, the Enemy of souls, the Enemy of the divine plan, will
  oppose our preaching, and
Whereas, the Enemy will attack preaching first through the
Therefore, let all be warned that the Enemy will use his most ancient
  method: temptation.

Like everyone else, preachers are susceptible to the notorious temptations. We need say little about that. There are enough contemporary illustrations of preachers falling into conspicuous sin.

However, Satan utilizes his delicate ...

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