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The Majesty and Misery of Music Ministry

The church board meeting was going long into the night. Fatigue and frustration were raising tempers to the boiling point. Finally, one rather rotund gentleman rose to his feet in red-faced exasperation.

"How long do we have to put up with this nonsense?" he demanded as his fist pounded the long oak table with a resounding thud. "We've tried and tried to be cooperative, but he just won't listen. Let's face it. He's impossible, and his music is even worse."

"Well, I think we ought to give him a chance," responded the thoughtful-looking gentleman in the corner. "At least he's concerned that worship be …"

"And what do you know about worship?" snorted the first man, his bulbous nose pulsating. "You're new here. You don't know how things are done."

"My wife says he's too demanding with the children. She says the kids don't even want to go to Junior Choir anymore," chirped a bespectacled man in a long coat.

"If he'd just play some of the old familiar hymns once in a while. Those new tunes are so ...

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