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C.E. Doesn't Run on Autopilot

After eleven years in Christian education, I became a senior pastor. Previously I had been a specialist — holding C.E. positions in three churches, completing three graduate degrees in education, and serving several Christian and public-school organizations as a consultant. Suddenly I was a general practitioner in a congregation of 250.

As a minister of Christian education, I had always wondered why senior pastors showed so little interest in C.E. Oh, they definitely wanted a strong Sunday school, but when it came to direct involvement, they seemed conspicuously absent.

After six years on the other side of the fence, I've gained a new perspective. The pastor is interested in Christian education … and missions and counseling and shepherding and stewardship and preaching and …

I am still convinced education is a top priority. After all, with Americans now watching an average of six hours of television a day (and in the crucial value-forming years between six and eighteen, the average young ...

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