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The Five Thorns of Christian Education

Have you ever been so far behind in your reading you've considered taking a speed reading course? The only problem was you could never find the time.

Most readers of this book are hustling from one ministry task to another. With few moments to spare, you are also trying to improve your ministry skills through study. That's why I want to get quickly to the things that trouble you most.

I took a long look at my own work in the church, then surveyed forty pastors at a denomination meeting for their common "thorns in the flesh" of Christian education. A few weeks later at an interdenominational meeting, I asked pastors to rank twenty Christian education difficulties. The top five were as follows:

1. Poor Follow-up and Visitation by Teachers

This afternoon I was visiting two elderly widows who are sisters and share a home. After an hour of cordial conversation and prayer, I was ready to leave. I suggested using the door on the porch, but one of the women led me to the door I had entered. She said ...

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