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Helping People Give With Joy

MONEY IS AN IMPORTANT SCRIPTURAL CONCERN. It shapes life in America as much as or more than any other single item. An amazing amount of wealth is coming out of today's stock market and booming economy. The best-selling book The Millionaire Next Door is not a fable, it represents fact. More and more people are asking financial advice, but are they getting the necessary spiritual advice they need?

It is the spiritual leader's responsibility to get involved in the financial lives of those for whom he is responsible. That does not solely mean speaking about the amount they give to the budget but helping them develop a philosophy of getting, keeping, and giving. For too long pastors have been self-conscious, trying to avoid the "money-grubbing syndrome."

Here are several principles to consider when helping the people you lead to handle their money with integrity:

1. Giving may be harder than earning. I cannot imagine a more difficult or dangerous way of life than to spend the bulk of my time giving ...

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