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Hidden Resources

Everything that comes to us like an assault of fate — dread of the future, human disappointments, embroilments in our life, trials and afflictions — all this becomes for him who has faith an element which can no longer swamp and bury him, but mysteriously bears him up, as Noah was borne by the flood.

Helmut Thielicke

The preceding chapters have offered pastors' insights into staying power — how to build an enduring ministry, how to persevere when discouragement strikes. Many of the allies mentioned have been external — a listening friend, a vacation, a supportive board.

But perhaps the most important secrets of staying power are the ones you can't see — the internal, hidden resources.

Ultimately, the minister called by God must be sustained by him. There may be periods when the people and things we had counted on for support fail us, turn against us, waste away. As David cried out from the dank recesses of a cave, "Look to my right and see; no one is concerned for me. I have no refuge; no ...

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