Bringing Out the Best in Your Board

Showing honor and deference to the board is one way we enhance the dignity of an institution.
—David Hubbard

Arelationship of integrity between the leader and the board is crucial. Members of the board must be able to say no to the leader. The leader must respect their authority enough that if the board says no, he or she will make one of two choices: resign or say yes to the board's will.

You cannot have a board whose authority you defy.

I have never been too frustrated by board structures. They come with the territory, and I believe in them deeply for several reasons.

First, if the leader enables the board to be a good board, the board then enables the organization to minister effectively.

Second, good organizations spread power. When the power is spread, the board sees itself at the bottom of the pyramid, not the top. Rather than thinking the pastor is at the top with the board beneath, or the board at the top with the pastor beneath, we see the mission at the top of the pyramid with the ...

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