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Recruiting Volunteers

We need to look for ways to harness people's dissatisfaction for ministry.
—Leith Anderson

Most of the work of the local church is done by volunteers. If the volunteers are ministering effectively, the church is ministering effectively. If they're not, the church is not. It would be difficult, therefore, to conceive of a pastoral responsibility more important than helping volunteers be effective in their ministries.

Working with volunteers in the church involves three basic responsibilities: motivating people, guiding them to the right ministry, and supporting and supervising them as they minister.

Motivating People to Minister

Motivation is not an arcane science. It begins with an understanding of people and what they need. As I have reflected on that, I have developed a few guidelines for motivation within the church.

Use gratitude rather than guilt

Guilt is probably the most powerful motivator in the church. It's quick and effective. When people are desperate to get a job done, they readily ...

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