Redeeming WorkPortland 2015

Portland 2015


Church leaders, marketplace leaders, and students joined Leadership Journal on March 10, 2014 to discuss how churches can communicate the biblical vision for one's work, and why it matters.

The event was held at The Village Ballroom, built in 1909 in the Woodlawn neighborhood of northeast Portland, a community gathering space for performance, dance, and other special events, and the city's only public-benefit non-profit ballroom, where 100% of the profit is donated to different local charities.

AJ Sherrill and Kate Harris laid out foundational principles for the faith and work conversation, including how to inspire vocational imagination among a congregation and dealing with the toil of work when you are doing work you don't love.

A whole host of Portland leaders then led the conversation that tied this topic to the city's unique culture. Wilson Smith of Nike shared how he started seeing his vocation as part of his calling and intentionally took steps to bring this together in his work. Kevin Palau shared about what The Palau Association has learned about having the church join the community and work better together.

Vibrant panel discussion led by professors, pastors, and marketplace leaders dug into topics like what faith and work means for millennials, how work shapes your identity, and the angst and frustration often felt through work.

From the Event:
Articles, posts, and video from the event will be added here as it's available

AJ Sherrill: Connecting and Collaborating
AJ Sherrill: Achieving Identity vs. Expressing Identity
Skye Jethani: The Gap Between Leadership and Laity
Skye Jethani: What We Do Now Matters
Skye Jethani: Creation and the Cultural Mandate
Kate Harris: Consenting to Reality
Kate Harris: Yielding to Constraints
Kate Harris: The Greatness of God
AJ Sherrill: The Eucharist and Vocation
AJ Sherrill: The Importance of Imagination
Matthew Kaemingk and Kate Harris: Q & A - Practicing Rootedness
Kate Harris: Cultivating Attentiveness
AJ Sherrill: Scale of Influence
Matthew Kaemingk: Q & A - Millennials and Navel-gazing
AJ Sherrill: Sacred Ordinariness
Skye Jethani: Historical and Current Overview of Calling

Live blogging by Tyler Braun of Men of Depravity:
Identity Expressed Through Work, Not Achieved Through Work
Empowering the Church For Faith at Work
A Conversation About the Intersection of Faith and Work

Live blogging by Paul Sohn of Salt & Light:
Equipping the Saint: How Do You Shape Vocational Imagination?


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