Redeeming WorkTwin Cities 2014

Twin Cities 2014

Packed into St. Paul's Art House North, over 120 church leaders participated in LJ Live: Redeeming Work on June 12, 2014. Art House, started by Troy and Sara Groves, is a 100+ year old church where musicians, photographers, and filmmakers gather to find a creative culture for the common good of the Twin Cities.

Andy Crouch led a session on reaffirming a culture of vocation, and pastor Tom Nelson laid out a biblical vision for vocation in the local church, sharing stories and examples of how his Kansas City church has incorporated faith and work.

There were multiple ways that attendees connected with each other and with all the presenters, including workshop time, offsite discussion, and question and answer sessions set aside throughout the day.

The day concluded at Art House North with a dinner, worship and reflections with Sara Groves, and Andy Crouch sharing his thoughts on the role of artists in God's work.

From the Event:
Articles, posts, and video from the event will be added here as it's available

Live blogging by Chris Armstrong at MISSION:WORK blog of the Patheos Faith and Work Channel

Andy Crouch: The Definition of Culture
Andy Crouch: The Missing Chapters
Andy Crouch: Image-bearing Leads to Flourishing
Andy Crouch: Authority and Vulnerability
Andy Crouch: All Flourishing Requires Risk
Andy Crouch: How Will the Image Be Restored?
Tom Nelson: A Robust Theology That Informs Work
Tom Nelson: Beginning With Vocation
Tom Nelson: The Biblical Definition of Work
Tom Nelson: The Hidden Years of Jesus
Tom Nelson: Liturgy That Affirms Work
Andy Crouch and Tom Nelson: Q & A - Theology of Work
Andy Crouch and Tom Nelson: Q & A - Leading Upward
Andy Crouch and Tom Nelson: Q & A - Discipleship Geared Toward College Students
Andy Crouch and Tom Nelson: Q & A - Theology of Suffering
Tom Nelson: Q & A - Honoring the Sabbath
Andy Crouch: What Is Art?
Andy Crouch: Contemplating or Exploiting?
Andy Crouch: The Honesty of Artists
Sara Groves: The Contemplative Work of the Artist
Sara Groves: Becoming Obsolete?


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