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The Risks of Not Reporting Abuse
State laws pose liability concerns for pastors.
When Domestic Violence KnocksSubscriber Access Only
How to minister wisely when it shows up in your congregation.
Rani Hong: Hope for SurvivorsSubscriber Access Only
Rani Hong, a former sex trafficking victim, encourages us to see the needs all around us.
Do Religions Produce "More than Their Fair Share" of Child Abusers?Subscriber Access Only
One Patheos' writer's logic is flawed. But church leaders should still be ashamed.
Better than ImaginedSubscriber Access Only
An interview with Jonathan Merritt.
How to Spot Sexual Abuse in Your Church
Understanding the dynamics of sexual abuse is the first step.
What Pastors Can Do about Violence in the HomeSubscriber Access Only
How to help victims of domestic abuse.
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