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Leading Worship LeadersSubscriber Access Only
4 ways I'm learning to guide artists.
A Conversation with Shane Hipps, Part 2Subscriber Access Only
Understand how visual media influences us.
Community, not CommoditySubscriber Access Only
Let us acknowledge, and even mourn, what we lose when worship meets media.
C'mon Church, Take a Risk on Artists!Subscriber Access Only
Ministry requires a brave heart and attitude.
Participation, Not Just PresentationSubscriber Access Only
We must constantly evaluate how we use media to draw others into God's redemptive story.
How Can We Use Media to Enhance Our Sermon Series?Subscriber Access Only
How an arts team uses mixed media to bring a sermon series to life.
A Primer in Set DesignSubscriber Access Only
The sky's the limit when making the most of platform space.
Bringing it all TogetherSubscriber Access Only
Vision, planning, and creativity combine to create an enthralling church service.
Using Still Images (free sample)
Think about these four major categories when deciding what goes on the screen.
Church Projection Software (free sample)
A wide selection of programs gives your church alternatives to PowerPoint
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