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Overcoming the Obstacles to EvangelismSubscriber Access Only
Integrate evangelism into every hour of the week, so that Christ is carried into people's lives, into our work, play, and socializing.
A High, but Hidden CallingSubscriber Access Only
Some are called to maximum service with minimum notice. Must I be?
It's All About Who, Jesus?Subscriber Access Only
If worship is for God, why are so many songs about us?
Simple Worship Is All We Really NeedSubscriber Access Only
A word to worship leaders.
Defining WorshipSubscriber Access Only
What worship is - and what it isn't.
The Reality of WorshipSubscriber Access Only
Matt Redman explains why worship is more than just a popular trend in Christian music.
Engaging the Whole PersonSubscriber Access Only
We aim to worship not only with our minds, but also with our hearts.
Character of a LeaderSubscriber Access Only
Look at integrity of a leader, the dangers of "spiritual vitality", and how to press ahead when you don’t feel spiritual.
Church HealthSubscriber Access Only
Lead your team in a discussion on the health of your church.
Creating CommunitySubscriber Access Only
Fellowship is more than coffee talk between worship and Sunday school; learn how we can move beyond small talk to help relationships become more authentic.
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