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7 Ideas for Improving Bible Engagement in Your Church
How to encourage a deeper experience of Scripture.
7 Ideas for Improving Bible Engagement in Your Church. While Bible ownership and sales remain strong, Bible reading and engagement are down significantly.
Reaching a New Generation with the Bible
We can no longer depend on methods that worked 20 years ago.
Faith communities are trying it all when it comes to Bible engagement, especially digital tools. Today there are Bible apps, daily reading plans, study
How to Make the Bible Central in Small Groups
And the shift in leader training that makes all the difference. - Article
This realization empowers them. By the end of their training, leaders have grown not only in helping others engage the Bible, but also in their own Bible engagement.
5 Passages Your Pastor Wishes You'd Stop Taking out of Context
How we get them wrong and what church leaders can do about it.
John Koessler, professor and chair of pastoral studies at Moody Bible Institute, is all too familiar with scenarios like this. “I find that people tend to be one
How to Woo People into God's Story
Step down from the stage and guide them in the learning experience.
Develop Wooing Strategies. So how do we woo the people in our churches into Bible engagement? Consider Paul's words to Titus on how to instruct
Pastoring in the Age of Celebrity
How famous Bible teachers impact local Bible study.
Pastoring in the Age of Celebrity. How famous Bible teachers impact local Bible study. However, the work of Bible application is—by necessity—personal and incarnational, as well.
The Word Made Fresh
Innovators are finding creative ways to get people engaged with Scripture.
He touts "scriptural engagement" as the real goal. Collins says that practically every Bible agency has added scriptural engagement to its metrics of success.
Farewell, Cultural Christianity
How a changing landscape can strengthen our witness.
To understand why this leads to greater engagement rather than to lesser engagement, we must understand what the slow-motion collapse of the Bible Belt is about in the first place.
Preaching Paradox and the Paradox of Preaching
Dangling questions can be more powerful than trite answers.
that when preaching is combined with congregational reading, the depth of engagement is greatly to work through some of the major challenges facing Christians as they read the Bible.
Confessions Of A Social Media Lurker: 3 Guidelines For Commenting Constructively Online
I don't want to just participate in conversations – whether they're online or in real life. I want to elevate them. And be elevated by them.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
Why? Well, there's this Bible passage about pearls and pigs... But only under very tight guidelines. I've created a set of rules for my engagement in online conversations.
The Year of Fear
How do we minister amid terrorist attacks, racial violence, and the most polarized election in memory?
"For too long, many of us have parsed social engagement out of Yet pastors can no longer assume shared knowledge about the Bible, which requires them to spend more resources on
Informing Formation
Christian higher education is changing. Can our innovation match new realities?
re trying to create in a "biblical university." We're trying to orient Bible students toward hammer—or a sledgehammer, which is more typical of much of Christian "engagement" today—but
Who Is Your Greatest Pastoral Influence?
Nine pastors respond.
Pastor John Henry is not only an exceptional Bible teacher, but he also has an incredible gift I was more nervous than I can ever remember being about a single preaching engagement.
Reassembling My Faith
What would make the difference between doubt strengthening my belief or crushing it?
How about the Bible that I was learning to parse so efficiently, in three I could go on—parenting, family dynamics, grief, friendship, neighborhood engagement, culture, church staff
Don’t Give up on the Black Church
Many black ministers-in-training are turning on the black church. Here’s why they should give it a second look.
It had its cultural blind spots, but it held to the same Bible I came to know Schools like Bishop College handled the issues of orthodoxy, social engagement, and disciple-making in the
What Does a Healthy Small Church Look Like?
Numbers can help us understand some things about the health of a church. But they’re not the only thing.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
Christ-centered; Bible-based; Ministers to people inside and outside the church; Stays true Has high engagement of its membership; Values mission over survival; Friendly; Adaptable and
Small Groups, Big Impact
How to use small groups for church-wide discipleship.
one another. While much of the church acknowledged the importance such engagement, it was not happening. But these groups. Not another Bible study. Far
What Tommy Taught Me
Our church’s walk with a homeless man marked us indelibly.
was welcomed, safe, and could encounter the God of the Bible he read like meals, shelters, or recovery ministries where the socially displaced experience transactional engagement.
My Three Seasons of Faith and Work
How farmers, scientists, teachers, doctors, and a furnace repair man taught me to see all callings as holy.
Season 3 - Creative Engagement. So in my sermon titled "Your Whole Life Matters," I argued that the Bible demolishes any kind of sacred/secular split and instead proclaims the lordship
Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ Big Adventure
How evangelicalism’s “royal wedding” shows us the glory and struggle of marriage and ministry.
engagement between the home and marketplace will lead to a more holistic engagement between home and In other words, the Bible does not support a separation between the call to
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