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Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ Big Adventure
How evangelicalism’s “royal wedding” shows us the glory and struggle of marriage and ministry.
engagement between the home and marketplace will lead to a more holistic engagement between home and In other words, the Bible does not support a separation between the call to
'Help, I'm Gay'
A pastoral conversation about same-sex attraction
Dan O. Via and Robert Gagnon, Homosexuality and the Bible: Two Views. at the Howard G. Hendricks Center for Christian Leadership and Cultural Engagement, Dallas Theological
Grieving with Charleston
What five pastors will be telling their congregations about the massacre at Emanuel Church.
the people of Emanuel AME Church in Charleston meet every Wednesday for Bible study. in how we can shape cultures and liturgies that cultivate the church's social engagement.
The Big Reveal
One church's challenge to engage the Bible led to spiritual florescence in the lives of its members.
I'm seeing it in my own relationship with Jesus, as our increased collective commitment to Bible engagement spurs me to connect daily and intentionally with God.
My Three Seasons of Faith and Work
How farmers, scientists, teachers, doctors, and a furnace repair man taught me to see all callings as holy.
Season 3 - Creative Engagement. So in my sermon titled "Your Whole Life Matters," I argued that the Bible demolishes any kind of sacred/secular split and instead proclaims the lordship
Religious Diplomacy in a Multifaith World (Part 2)
An interview with John Morehead
and I believe this will continue to gain momentum, hopefully with interreligious engagement becoming a But I read the Bible from a different perspective, started studying missiology and
Friday Five Interview: Russell Moore
Are conservative evangelicals rethinking their political engagement? We asked the newly elected president of the Southern Baptist's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.
implications. But I think the first step of Christian engagement with the outside world is a gospel-driven, counter-cultural, Bible-disciplined congregational life.
Why We Fail the Grieving
Comforting bereaved people takes more than good intentions.
a woman who told me how her son went off to a Bible college and Care Cards—the primary service—organizing contact information and provides a repository for ministry engagement.
Bluegrass Church
How an unlikely church plant thrived by embracing Appalachian culture.
“The in-depth Bible reading as well as the focus on how to really think about the Scripture and But most talk about the warmth of the community and the fresh engagement with Scripture.
Remembering Chuck Colson
Pastor Hayes Wicker talks about his most famous congregant and friend.
Sunday morning service even if he had flown in early that morning from a speaking engagement. He often described himself as “having the Bible in one hand and the New York Times
Friday Five Interview: Skye Jethani
Moving beyond a Christianity fueled by fear.
back of their cars, yet are held with such ignorance people think the Bible's message on a book about eschatology, but I also had no alternative if I was to address cultural engagement.
Better than Imagined
An interview with Jonathan Merritt.
It's not a good look, and it's even worse as a strategy for cultural and theological engagement. Conservatives feel that the Bible's integrity and the viability of the historic faith is at risk.
Where Has Grace Gone?
A conversation with Philip Yancey
encourage small groups, open our facilities to AA and recovery groups, and teach Bible study and How do we balance prophetic cultural engagement with grace-filled neighborliness?
Future Studies
And other items of interest from ministry and culture.
How would engagement with that kind of truth bring freshness to our engagement with the So we should have all sixty-six of the books of the Bible in one hand, and an irenic spirit in the
Friday Five: Brett McCracken
How should Christian leaders navigate the "gray matters' of faith and practice? We asked the author of a new book.
But Gray Matters outlines principles of cultural engagement that can help Christians wherever they are The Bible gives many general principles on how Christians should relate to culture
Easy on the Ears?
She recently came home disappointeded from a summer backyard Bible camp. Or should we be seeking engagement that requires more work on the part of our listeners rather than less
Friday Five Interview: Greg Forster
The intersection of vocation and engagement in culture.
The intersection of vocation and engagement in culture. of using them to "check off God," as theologian Mike Wittmer puts it: I've gone to church and prayed and done my Bible study.
Staring at the Sun
Moving from false dichotomies to dialogue, for the sake of witness.
us "evolutionary creationists" out there), but hear a pastor's yearning heart for true, honest engagement, in the another in an attempt to see Jesus not only in the book of the Bible, but the
Welcoming the Stranger into Church
How churches can best respond to immigration issues.
evidence, God used the Hebrew word ger ninety-two times in the Bible; we know Another key engagement step is to connect with church or parachurch leaders in your community who
Evangelizing Tomorrowland (Part 2)
York Moore has led thousands of modern students to faith. Here’s his wisdom for taking the gospel to the future.
Seen in this light, our engagement with the philosophy of postmodern myth-making is, in my mind, the longs for a new way to interpret the story of the world and the Bible provides this
21–40 of 132 matches
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