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All of Christian History in 6 HoursSubscriber Access Only
This audio tour de force is strong meat for a mature Christian audience.
Changed LivesSubscriber Access Only
How I entered George MacDonald's world
Getting the Word OutSubscriber Access Only
An exhibit at the Huntington Library shows how Bibles big and small gave power to the people
Catholic Bishops Embrace Ecumenical Group, Reject Bible MeasureSubscriber Access Only
Plus: The most inaccurate Christmas song ever, protecting kids from their evil, murderous parents, and other stories from online sources around the world.
The Power of BooksSubscriber Access Only
For the Victorians, reading could be the doorway to doubt—or to faith.
The Beginning of EducationSubscriber Access Only
The new Bible Literacy Project curriculum is impressive—as far as it is able to go.
Dirty Qur'ans, Dusty BiblesSubscriber Access Only
If Leviticus or Jude suddenly disappeared from Scripture, would we notice?
Bach & the BibleSubscriber Access Only
His underlining and marginal comments give us a window into his personal faith.
Freedom and FaithSubscriber Access Only
Bach still speaks to the church today.
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