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Church Planting Series: Creating a Culture of Multiplication
Multiplication always starts small.
Church Planting Series: So What Does Church Planting Actually Look Like?
Here are four practical steps your church can take to get the ball rolling on planting.
Grit and Faith in Hispanic Church Planting
Are prerequisites of the dominant planting culture depriving Latino planters of the opportunity to use their strengths?
Meet the Minnie ChurchSubscriber Access Only
What happens when you plant a church only for Walt Disney World employees?
The Little Book that Changed My Life is Back
God used Bill Tinsley's book to transform discouragement into lifelong passion.
Evangelism Isn’t About Results
The Parable of the Sower frees us from our desire for resolution.
Why Basic Training Is So Important for Church Planters
An assessment of the Hispanic Church Planting Report reveals the necessity of training.
The Road Ahead: 10 Characteristics of a Future Church Planter, Part 1
The well-worn paths of the past can often be poor guides for missionary travelers toward the future evangelistic work in North America.
Why Are Some Churches Trading Pews for Dinner Tables?
A conversation with Dinner Church pioneer, Verlon Fosner.
The Road Ahead: 10 Characteristics of a Future Church Planter, Part 2
Here are five more key changes we must make if we want to see movement.
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