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Deadly Compassion (Part 3 of 3)Subscriber Access Only
Some support physician-assisted suicide out of fear of a lonely, pain-filled death. Here are four professionals who are making the dying a part of the church's ministry.
The Day We Were Left BehindSubscriber Access Only
When Jesus had said this, as they were watching, he was lifted up, and a cloud took him out of their sight.—Acts 1:9, NRSV
Grand Themes of D.L. MoodySubscriber Access Only
The life and teachings of Mr. Protestant are required lessons for today's church.
Baptist DistinctivesSubscriber Access Only
Five key convictions that have been essential to Baptists from their beginnings
A Time for Mourning, A Time for WarSubscriber Access Only
From the Reformation to the Glorious Return
From A Calabrian Prison (1560)Subscriber Access Only
An excerpt from a letter of Waldensian pastor Giovan Paschale, who was hanged in Rome in 1560.
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