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Matching Grants vs. Challenge Grants
Why one is better in church fundraising. - Article
My hunch is that many people have an innate sense both of competition (“I want to meet the challenge”) and of cooperation (“If we do this together, we'll achieve such-and-such goal”).
The Pastoral Transition Zone: Catching God’s Timing For Your Church And Ministry
When you give church members the gift of time and respect, they’ll go with you to some exciting places.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
When he does something in our lives unilaterally (as in, he doesn't ask for our permission or cooperation) his timing is often quick, surprising and sometimes painful.
7 Keys to a Smooth Church Transition
How to make major changes without alienating your congregation.
I spoke with encourages people in his age-diverse congregation to “discuss what they're most afraid of and find common ground for healing, vulnerable cooperation, and adventurous
12 Frequent Burdens of Church Staff
Address these common frustrations to help those serving thrive. - Article
dialogue. When scheduling events becomes competition rather than cooperation, the silo gets lonely and a source of frustration. 6. Ministering with few funds.
Does Your Church Have the Right Model?
How to decide.
the whole city and growing the whole body of Christ than about increasing their own tribe or kingdom.” In many cities, this has led to remarkable interdenominational cooperation.
Our Best on the Teamwork of Ministry
These 11 resources will help your team work together as one body made up of many parts.
That's teamwork. Leaders are those who can get the parts aligned and working in cooperation. These articles will help you with the particulars. The Boys in the Boat.
4 Ingredients for an Effective Accounting System
Don't let sloppy or poor accounting practices compromise your church's finances. - Article
4. Support. The more your administrative role is seen as a support to the ministry roles, the better information and cooperation you will receive. Build
Monday Church Management Roundup: 6/16/14
Five trends, tips, ideas, and stats to help church leaders manage well this week. - Article
other. Start by understanding what your employees do and why they do it, and foster cooperation by giving people the power and interest to do so. If
Supporting Small Churches Does Not Mean Bashing Big Churches
When we bash churches for becoming big, we fail to recognize the power of the gospel to draw people to Jesus, in both large and small crowds.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
Or advance the kingdom of God. It just makes the complainer look petty. Cooperation Is Better than Competition. You don't like big churches? Fine. Don't attend or pastor one.
After Gas Station Break-In, Churchgoers Rally to the Pumps
How a Georgia church helped save a burglary victim's business just by filling their tanks.
Both realize that interfaith cooperation meets at the most basic level: “We are all humans before we are Christians or Muslims or Hindus,” Waliyani said.
Expanding the Sweet Spot for a Healthy Church Turnaround
Knowing and expanding the zone where the hearts of the pastor and congregation meet up with God's heart is essential for a successful church turnaround.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
God, the pastor and the congregation. Trying to turn a church from unhealthy to healthy without all three in full cooperation, will lead to frustration, failure and heartache.
The Astonishing Power of Small Churches: Fan the Flame
Let’s encourage, connect and equip innovative small church leaders as each one plays their part.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
He did it without us creating a plan for it. And he did it mostly without our cooperation. He did it with many of us fighting it every step of the way – including me, until recently.
Pastors in Recovery
Admitting an addiction has its risks ... and real ministry benefits.
The Fellowship of Recovering Lutheran Clergy formed with the cooperation of Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and Missouri Synod Lutheran leaders.
Friend Me
How your personal network sustains ministry health for both you and your church.
was just down the street. In other contexts, I had seen competition among pastors and a resistance to friendship or cooperation. But in this pastorate, I
Megachurches Can't Reach the World for Jesus Alone
It’s time for the 90 percent of churches to come alongside the 10 percent and get our hands dirty together.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
It's time for the 90 percent to come alongside the 10 percent and get our hands dirty together. Cooperation Is Essential – And Long Overdue. Medium
Building One Another
What's involved in Christian community: part 2
Outside there may be a lot of people fighting. But behind this front door there is safety and encouragement and cooperation. Inside this home, we build one another!
Collaborative Leadership
Even on the narrow way, there is room for people walking side by side. - Article
We all need to improve our skills in collaborative leadership. Two New Testament "keywords" point clearly toward collaboration and cooperation. This
Useless Meeting
Useless Meeting. 0; tweet; link. share; share. expand: email; print. Click the image for a full-size version. Useless Meeting.
Essential Skills for Preventing Burnout: Part 1
A two-part interview with Dr. Gregory Hunt. - Article
From our perspective as people of faith, it's our confidence and cooperation with God in the equation that spells the difference. There is a huge difference between optimism and hope.
Check Your Vitals
Top 10 indicators of relationship health
Not enough time; not enough curiosity; not enough courage. Cooperation. So she does her thing; I do mine.". A relationship bereft of cooperation dies a little each day.
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