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3 Ways to Maximize Co-Pastoring
Effective co-pastoring requires more than just dividing up tasks. - Article
None at all. We both had degrees in ministry and were pursuing master's level education. We had the tools we needed for exegesis, pastoral counseling, and leadership.
Be Honest: You Don’t Have It All Together
And you don’t have to. - Article
We try to make it all work, but the reality is that life is never going to work out the way our culture (or sloppy exegesis of the Proverbs 31 woman) has advertised it. Perception vs. Reality.
Bad Exegesis and Back Roads through Kansas
They’re butchering Scripture. When do you say something?
Bad Exegesis and Back Roads through Kansas. They're butchering Scripture. When do you say something? Andrew E. Stoddard. 0; tweet; link. share; share.
Art + Exegesis = "The Minimum Bible"
Pastor and artist Joseph Novak talks text and symbol.
Art Exegesis = "The Minimum Bible". Curious to pick his brain on sacred art and exegesis, I asked Joseph to share his thoughts on sacred art and interpretation. Enjoy.
Drawing Your Sermon
How sketching diagrams, images, and “cluster corners” enlivened my sermon prep.
Instead of woodenly moving from exegesis, to outline, to manuscript, I began to adopt more creative sermon prep practices. One of those involved putting pencil to paper.
The Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Your Sermon
From research to outline, and everything in between.
more. Also immensely helpful are Denver Seminary's often-updated Annotated Old Testament Bibliography and New Testament Exegesis Bibliography.
Dawkins: Your Devotional Time with the Kids is Child Abuse ...
The weather affects church revenue, the worst book ever written about Jesus and other interesting links
On Monday and Tuesday I'd work on exegesis; on Wednesday and Thursday I'd begin to craft a sermon from the exegesis. I now do the same thing, except on one day: Thursday.".
The Church that Drinks Together
In our town, refusing to drink alcohol may be a bigger stumbling block than serving it.
South, the issue was never an important one for me (though I do remember making the point in a college class that arguments that Jesus never drank wine relied on some odd exegesis
How to Preach About Technology (Don't)
Why I cringe at sermons about smartphones.
More. Here's a provocative piece from PARSE friend Chris Ridgeway, who is tired of shoddy cultural exegesis where technology is concerned. Chris
How Does Your Week Look?
5 pastors share how they structure their schedules.
On Wednesday I head to a local coffee shop for my official day of sermon prep. This is all-day exegesis, and usually the first stage of crafting the sermon.
Preaching to the Affections
An Interview with Josh Moody
Affections are the thinking-feeling-willing unit, a person's “heart”. 3) You say that we live in an "age of affections." So is preaching to the heart simply faithful cultural exegesis?
The Wandering Gospel
A reflection on the universal beauty of the body of Christ.
We gather twice a year to talk about the fruits of our Christian tradition, a system of belief, a method of exegesis, the schema of redemptive history, and the students receive these fruits
Review: “Evangelical Postcolonial Conversations”
How can churches embrace a repentant response to a dark side of culture?
honesty. It helps us detangle the gospel from our culture. Postcolonialism is (or should be) the sharply honest cutting edge of cultural exegesis. I agree
Is Failure Good?
And other items of interest from ministry and culture.
understanding.". The Minimum Bible. Pastor and artist Joseph Novak combined his dual love for exegesis and design in an ambitious recent project. "The
Welcome to PARSE
A new look at the intersection of ministry and culture.
Journal, we're a publication for ministry practitioners—Christian leaders, pastors, mentors, practical theologians, lay leaders, and more—who need sharp cultural exegesis to inform their
The Purposeless-Driven Life
What a day of silence taught me about myself and God.
Houston. Other faculty members like JI Packer and Gordon Fee represented my comfort zone with their focus on theology and exegesis of Scripture.
Yes Church, We Still Need Seminaries
But not the way we think we do.
in seminaries is dropping and on the other many of his peers are not formally trained in the classic (and helpful/necessary) preacher's tool kit of Greek, Hebrew, Exegesis, Preaching, etc
The Boomerang Sermon
In sermon prep, we discover that we need God's message as much as anyone.
Listening to my audience was part of it, but it certainly wasn't the genesis of my sermon. The resources I read certainly guided and structured my exegesis.
Marketing the Church
Does your church advertise to let people know who you are? How do you decide what to say?
The statement is also theological. It begs for exegesis. They are, of course, suggesting churches exist that people "cannot" believe in. Do you think my exegesis overreaches? Maybe.
Your Toughest Audience
Preaching to Yourself
It's a mistake to do the hard work of exegesis, develop a homiletical outline, and build pointed application for our audience without first preaching the same Scripture to ourselves.
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