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When Clothing and Household Items Are Donated
Churches may want to tell taxpayers that generosity is its own reward. - Article
of noncash personal property—especially those gifts with considerable market value—see “Tax Rules for Gifts of Personal Property,” in the September issue of Church Finance Today.
3 Audiences for Church Financial Reports to Consider
The people you need to keep in the know when creating financial statements. - Article
Finance committee. A second audience is composed of the finance committee, administrative board, program leaders, pastors, and, in large churches, full-time business administrators.
Estate Gifts: Don’t Get Too Involved
Churches should never recommend a lawyer or a financial planner. - Article
The following excerpt about wills and estate planning is adapted from “Encouraging Estate Gifts in Your Church” in the June 2018 issue of Church Finance Today.
#MourningWhileBlack • Church Versus City • CA Church Vehicles: News Roundup
This week’s headlines that affect churches and church leaders. - Article
Agnes' son Davon Chisely also told the news station he was 'traumatized'” (“'Mourning While Black': Family, including dead woman, kicked out of church by priest,” Yahoo Finance).
What to Know About a New Donation Scam
Why churches should be careful about refund requests. - Article
A very kind but anxious fellow named Tom calls your finance office and informs your team that he just realized he accidentally submitted a donation to your organization in the amount of
Should a Church Own or Rent Vehicles?
Two church leaders weigh in on this question. - Article
To explore risk-management issues related to both rental and church-owned vehicles see “6 Questions to Assess Vehicle Insurance,” in the March issue of Church Finance Today.
A Closer Look at the Housing Allowance
What this tax benefit means for churches nationwide. - Article
More Help. Church Finance Today recently covered alternative options churches may want to consider in the event the housing allowance benefit were ever lost.
When Volunteers Drive for Your Church
Tips for handling this critical area of risk-management. - Article
To help make informed decisions about your church's vehicle insurance needs, see “6 Questions to Assess Vehicle Insurance” in the March issue of Church Finance Today.
What to Know About Penalties for Excessive Compensation
The rules for churches are stringent and could cause a loss of exempt status. - Article
unreasonable amount. This article is excerpted from “5 Unique Features of Church Compensation” in the December issue of Church Finance Today. For
How to Recognize and Confront Fraud
Two telltale signs, and the best and worst ways to respond to suspected stealing. - Article
In the October issue of Church Finance Today, learn more about what to do if fraud is suspected and how to put systems in place that help keep financial theft from happening.
Responding to Injuries at Church
What to do when employees or volunteers get hurt. - Article
to their employees. For more on this topic, see “Workers' Compensation: Who Is and Isn't Covered?” in the September issue of Church Finance Today.
What You Need to Know About Compensation Surveys
Used correctly, good surveys are helpful tools for setting fair and reasonable compensation. - Article
What You Need to Know About Compensation Surveys. Used correctly, good surveys are helpful tools for setting fair and reasonable compensation. Bob Cartwright.
The Tricky World of Copier Leases and Purchases
What a church must consider before buying or leasing. - Article
Vonna Laue is an expert on church finances. She served 20 years with a CPA firm focused on churches and ministries and is an editorial advisor for Church Finance Today.
Salary Reductions • Boundary-Setting • Unliked—and That’s Okay: Management Roundup
Trends, tips, ideas, and stats to help church leaders manage well this week. - Article
agreements: (1) tax-sheltered annuity contributions, (2) 'cafeteria plans,' and (3) housing allowances” (“Setting Pay Packages for Pastors,” by Richard R. Hammar, Church Finance Today
Hiring Involves Strategic Planning and Careful Budgeting
Don't hire before you ask a few key questions. - Article
What happens if the plan doesn't work?”. For more insights from Reiff and other financial experts, see “Balancing Personnel Costs” in the June issue of Church Finance Today.
Reprint Permission & Special Use Inquiry -
Can we make copies of articles in,, Church Law & Tax Report, Church Finance Today or related resources, either in digital (PDF
Protecting Your Church in Case of Allegations of Abuse - Article
additional insights from Mathews and other experts on insurance coverage for sexual abuse, see “The High Costs of an Abuse Claim” in the August 2017 issue of Church Finance Today
Planning for Facility Repairs and Ongoing Maintenance
Facilities expert says ignoring facility issues can be extremely costly in the long run. - Article
Folsom recently spoke with Church Finance Today about the importance of audits/evaluations of a church's physical assets and why it's essential to set aside needed cash reserves for
Church Cell Tower Leases and Zoning Laws
How to navigate the process smoothly and with minimal problems. - Article
including the financial and tax ramifications of such arrangements, see “Cell Tower Leases: Easy Money or Never-ending Headaches?” in the May issue of Church Finance Today.
For-Profit vs. Church Financial Management
The head of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability shares the differences to help people transition from the business world into a nonprofit ministry. - Article
Busby recently spoke with Church Finance Today on best practices for financial professionals who transition from the for-profit business world into a church setting.
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