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More to Worship than Music
Are you giving non-musicians a voice?
More to Worship than Music. Are you giving non-musicians a voice? Nancy Beach. 0; tweet; link. share; share. expand: email; print. We recommend this Building Church Leaders training
Attendance and giving have increased (following trends already in motion); the men's group shows encouraging signs of life; we're expanding our weekday program from half days to
Help for the Evangelism-Challenged
How to share your faith when it doesn't come naturally.
"Attention. People want attention. So I give them that. I call those times 'free attention giveaways.' " And what's more, Jim credits people for giving others free attention giveaways.
Money: When You Move to Meddlin'
The result, in my perception, is that today's growing-up generation has not been challenged about giving. How do we begin to recover the ministry of giving for our congregations?
Thankful in a Thankless World
What better reason for giving thanks to God than the fact that we have all been given the chance to see the Savior? It is almost paradoxical but still true today: giving increases gratitude.
Graffiti Pastor
job. This is the only thing that worked out for me.". I nodded while Luis told me what he would do instead of giving money for the block party. He would
No More Mr. Nice Group
5 practices that take small groups beyond polite "sharing" to the disciplines that change lives.
Those words were so powerful; they felt so good that I wanted to make up more bad stuff to tell him. To have someone know everything about me and still love me was truly life giving.
Growing Edge
Liberalism is a hard habit to get over. That is, Miller praises these congregations for giving people what they need, for helping them to make sense of their often confusing lives.
Displaying 981–1000 of 1000 matches
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