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The Subversive Shepherd
Why and how to return to the hard work of making saints.
This involves giving attention to people—the most inefficient way to do anything. But those are terrible things, and giving them up results in a wonderful freedom.
What do you become when ministry rubs the wrong way? Toug? Or tender?
I have observed that people in ministry, perhaps more so than most people, live with an unstated "contract faith." After all, they're giving up prestige and glory, and often a good salary, to
Volunteers, Prison Ministry, and the Church
How can local churches minister to prisoners?
They get on fire; they're giving beyond what they ever thought they could; they want to do more. Yes, you get in the process of giving, but that isn't the same.
Attendance and giving have increased (following trends already in motion); the men's group shows encouraging signs of life; we're expanding our weekday program from half days to
Help for the Evangelism-Challenged
How to share your faith when it doesn't come naturally.
"Attention. People want attention. So I give them that. I call those times 'free attention giveaways.' " And what's more, Jim credits people for giving others free attention giveaways.
Put an End to Trading Season
What it takes to make your ministry a true contender.
churches. Churches hire a new pastor and expect an immediate turnaround— increased giving, standing-room-only crowds, and a surplus of volunteers.
I've noticed that different people interpret what that means in different ways.
mistakes or just hearing the person's point of view. Sometimes it means just giving them a place to share. It usually requires that we pay attention, not
Money: When You Move to Meddlin'
The result, in my perception, is that today's growing-up generation has not been challenged about giving. How do we begin to recover the ministry of giving for our congregations?
Thankful in a Thankless World
What better reason for giving thanks to God than the fact that we have all been given the chance to see the Savior? It is almost paradoxical but still true today: giving increases gratitude.
I Had an Affair
My husband wasn't making me happy. So why not look elsewhere for intimacy?
With conviction he said, "I made a commitment to this marriage and I'm not going anywhere. If you want to leave, go ahead, but I'm not giving up." I was stunned that he wanted to stay.
981–1000 of 1000 matches
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