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The Two Biggest Mistakes Churches Make With Money
The answer to bad stewardship isn’t more money or more faith. It’s better stewardship.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
It's better stewardship. (This is part of an ongoing series, Money and the Small Church.). Mistake #1: Giving veto power to the accountant, treasurer or budget.
9 Ways to Reverse a Downward Giving Trend - Article
with our hearts. Which is why we need to teach more about generosity than giving. 2. Teach stewardship, not just giving. People want to be generous.
9 Ways To Reverse A Downward Giving Trend In An Otherwise Healthy Church
Even people who love the church and are fully committed to its mission are not giving as much as they once did.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
2. Teach stewardship, not just giving. As pastors, we have an obligation to God and the church to teach a balanced, biblical view of stewardship, not just giving.
5 Big Ideas for Generous Churches
Want your people to give with joy? Here’s what it’s going to take.
It's admirable that some pastors carve out time every year to preach on giving, but too often, I hear sermons People need to hear biblical wisdom on money, stewardship, and generosity.
What I Wish I Had Known about Stewardship
Five insights that changed my awkward relationship with this core part of the Christian life and church ministry.
Here is what I wish I had known about stewardship. 1. “Stewardship,” “generosity,” and “giving” are not synonyms. Stewardship is a role, giving is an act, and generosity is an attitude.
Who Should Know What People Give?
A look at six perspectives. - Article
This perspective argues that financial stewardship is a spiritual discipline, and the pastor should have access to individual giving to be able to see how the members are doing in this
Should Churches Have Email Newsletters?
Six reasons your church might benefit from this. - Article
Increased awareness of online giving increases stewardship. If your church has online giving, reminding your members about that option in your weekly email newsletter is a must.
The Pastor's Currency is Influence
Are you spending it wisely?
Vocational Stewardship Vocational Stewardship Learn More. The problem with giving people personal attention, of course, is how much time it takes or risking the
7 Traits of Churches with Increasing Per Member Giving - Article
Biblical giving should be a clear and unapologetic expectation of church membership. While it is possible to communicate financial stewardship in an overbearing manner, it is
How I Overcame My Dread Of Talking About Money From The Pulpit
Why should our approach to meeting financial challenges be any different than our approach to meeting every other challenge?
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
In a recent five-year stretch we saw our church giving fall every year, until our annual income was barely two-thirds of what it So I pulled the trigger and announced a stewardship series.
Giving Is Low—Are You Neglecting the Topic?
Why people should hear us talk more about generosity. - Article
Let's remember that stewardship and generosity are spiritual issues. consultant and communicator and is the co-author of Contagious Generosity, Creating a Culture of Giving in Church
7 Tips for Developing a Funding Plan
Ways to encourage generosity at your church. - Article
We decided to track first-time givers, total giving units, consistent givers, and “tithers”—households that give at a level of about one-tenth of 5. Treat stewardship as a spiritual discipline.
Tales from a ‘Billy Graham Kid’
From my earliest days, Mr. Graham shaped my life and my calling.
We recommend this Building Church Leaders training tool: Vocational Stewardship Vocational Stewardship I consistently echo Mr. Graham and say, “Giving your life to Jesus is the most
Church Insurance Applications • Modeling Stewardship • Build Social Awareness: Management Roundup
Trends, tips, ideas, and stats to help church leaders manage well this week. - Article
2. Walk the talk with stewardship. As your people see you being generous with resources to support them, making them more comfortable, and giving them the best opportunity to grow
The Church Offertory: What's Trending?
7 trends worth noting as you evaluate your church offertory - Article
I am not aware of any churches where online giving has replaced the worship offertory 6. More churches have some type of testimony or statement about stewardship to accompany the
Accountability Systems
One basic principle and six simple steps help protect a church's finances. - Article
Karl Vaters. I'm not naturally a systems guy. But I've learned that good systems aren't about stifling creativity or spontaneity; they're about increasing accountability and stewardship.
What Your Pastor Really Wants for Christmas
This year, forego the gift cards and get them something they’ll really appreciate.
9. A Quality Coffee Maker. Routines and rhythms are essential for pastors, but they require good stewardship of time and joyful elements that a foster encouragement for ministry.
The Top 10 Church Management Articles of 2015
Articles that drew the most interest on - Article
Stroup. Learn ways to improve your giving statement so that it encourages more donations. 7. "The Church Stewardship Prime Directive" by Karl Vaters.
Is My Church an Endangered Species?
Responding to the cultural and economic threats many congregations will face.
We can teach on giving until we're hoarse, but members won't give if we're not showing them good stewardship of what they're giving. They may be more right on this than we are.
Review the Basics of Benevolence
Plus four other trends, tips, ideas, and stats to help church leaders manage well this week. - Article
From a stewardship perspective, the church should separate the reasonable from the unreasonable" ("Giving Help the Right Way," by Frank Sommerville, Benevolence Fund Basics).
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