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Eugene Cho: Why I Am Stepping Down as Pastor of Quest Church
“I don’t feel burned out, but I am realizing my limitations.”
I like to write. I travel to places where I can encourage the global church. I want it to grow deeper in mission and more robust in the theology of the whole gospel and justice.
Trump Vows Repeal of Endorsement Ban • Evangelist’s Sexual Misconduct • Member’s Rights: News Roundup
This week’s headlines that affect churches and church leaders. - Article
China Soul for Christ Foundation—a top evangelistic organization for the global Chinese church produced other reports about abuse at Bob Jones University and New Tribes Mission.
What Christians in the US Can Learn from Immigrant Pastors
For those who met Christ elsewhere, Americanized Christianity can look a bit strange.
the gospel on buses and public transportation because we're a 'church on mission.' We don't While much of the Global South assumes the reality of spirits and the challenge is how to
Remembering Their Chains
6 Practical Ways to Support the Global Persecuted Church
When we are moved by the stories of our global family members, it helps us to draw on Fail: Finding Hope and Grace in the Midst of Ministry Failure, Eldership and the Mission of God
We Can Stop Modern Slavery—with Churches' Help
Lone "justice freaks" aren't enough. To end exploitation, we need community.
Haugen and senior vice president of global advancement Melissa Russell recently spoke with Christianity Today's assistant editor Morgan Lee about IJM's broader mission, its new
We Were Seduced by Power
Five pastors confess their temptations to manipulate, control, and cling to worldly significance.
Joshua Ryan Butler, pastor of local and global outreach at Imago Dei Community in Portland, Oregon. Jamin Goggin is a pastor at Mission Hills Church in San Marcos, California.
4 Surprising Benefits of Seminary
What I learned in a classroom that proved helpful in leading a church.
missionaries from our denomination were the people who shaped my views on cross-cultural mission, not local And how should that lens change the way I view the global church?
Culture Clash
An Interview with David Platt
Platt, bestselling author and president of the Southern Baptist Convention's International Mission Board. abortion, sex slavery, racism, religious liberty, and so on are all global issues.
The Brand and Value of a Church
What’s in a name? For churches, it could be more than you think. - Article
The focus of the church should always be on its mission. This is earned with service in both your local and global community, by the relationships built through ministry, and by the hard
Your Small Church Is Big
The suprising secret to growth.
more than one church of 1000.". Big churches get the attention, but it's small churches that drive the growth of the global church. If you could choose to
What's Next: It's the Economy—or Is It?
The reasons a church fails often go beyond money problems. - Article
In fact, the global financial crisis presents a ready scapegoat for failures of every kind greater opportunities present themselves in the areas of land, buildings, or mission opportunities–a
The Refugees Are Here
How a German pastor is teaching his people to welcome those displaced from Syria.
The refugee crisis is a global issue, and Germany is leading it. interrupted his sermon series to take a look at what Scripture has to say about refugees and the Christian mission.
Giving is Global
Glimpses of diverse generosity.
pulling cash from his wallet as he dances to the offering box: these are but a few of the myriad ways that Christians around the world support local congregations and global mission.
Making the Most of Your Mission Trip
A missionary’s tips for a successful cross-cultural experience - Article
Making the Most of Your Mission Trip. Nothing surges global vision in your church like team members returning from a cross-cultural experience with changed lives.
What Can Heal Racial Wounds?
South Bronx Pastor Dimas Salaberrios talks about race, abortion, and criminal justice.
we worked with the Luis Palau Association, lending our network to their mission, which resulted in together in New York City: the Pastors' Prayer Summit, the Global Leadership Summit
Where Are the Women?
How a guest's observation inspired me to develop more women leaders.
seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God leading others to join God's mission in the A cursory review of global church history proves that the Teresa of Avilas, Mother Teresas
Locally Grown Pastors
4 ways churches are preparing ministers in-house.
it's putting a hold on you for six months to understand the structure and mission of the In my MA in Global Leadership cohort, I had the privilege of tackling issues of ministry context with
Time to Clean House?
5 steps to unclutter your ministry
And we have. In the last six months, we put the brakes on a financial campaign, a scheduled short-term mission trip to a global hotspot, and certain aspects of our programing calendar.
The Already-Exiled Church
Feeling excluded from mainstream culture? Join the club.
How could we be zealous for world missions and global justice while nurturing a blinding apathy surprised to learn that cultural exile has never been a hindrance to God's mission or his
#DefundPP: From Hashtags to Healing
Leading your church in the fight for life.
As the global church stands up for the human dignity of every unborn child, it's crucial that What if, in the next 10 years, holistic health centers, funded by Christian mission, moved in as
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