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Kate Harris: The Greatness of GodSubscriber Access Only
Why the greatness of God is essential to navigating and enduring the toil of work.
Kate Harris: Cultivating AttentivenessSubscriber Access Only
Learning to see the heart of God in our work.
AJ Sherrill: Sacred OrdinarinessSubscriber Access Only
The ministry of reconciliation is not just for the elite.
Seeing God on the Silver ScreenSubscriber Access Only
An interview with Kevin Harvey on how engaging pop culture might be the best way to share the gospel.
Rescuing Short Term Missions
Tony Myles shares insights on how to lead a productive mission trip.
Raising VoicesSubscriber Access Only
When a church sings together, it takes prayer to another level.
Getting Good at Prayer Isn't the PointSubscriber Access Only
A pastor's primer on praying.
The Word by HeartSubscriber Access Only
How the ancient practice of reciting Scripture from memory is helping people hear the Bible afresh.
Tom Nelson and David Greusel: Q & A - The Supposed Dichotomy Between Sunday and MondaySubscriber Access Only
In what vocational capacity do you feel God's pleasure? How does this knowledge help you overcome longstanding, dichotomous judgments about the nature of faith and work?
Tom Nelson and David Greusel: Q & A - Being Conversant vs. Being FluentSubscriber Access Only
Being a good question-asker is key to understanding people's hearts.
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