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Another Winter in BostonSubscriber Access Only
Personal reflections, in Finney's own words, about, among other things, his relationship with God, his baptism in the Holy Ghost, Heaven & Hell, perfect peace & blessedness, and his inward struggles with the death of his first wife.
The Blessing of AbrahamSubscriber Access Only
Finney's Christian Perfection
Schwenckfeld's AimSubscriber Access Only
From Corpus Schwenckfeldianorum, translated by Selina Gerhard Schultz
How Moody Changed RevivalismSubscriber Access Only
The evangelist converted mass evangelism.
William Booth's Theology of RedemptionSubscriber Access Only
The General's view of sanctification, the kingdom of God, and salvation moved his Army to action.
What Did Spurgeon Believe?Subscriber Access Only
He insisted on thinking through his theology for himself—and often found himself out of step with his age.
A New Species of Christian SongSubscriber Access Only
Where did the English hymn come from?
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