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Diagnosing and Changing Church Culture
What you need to know about your past to move forward - Article
Three Ways Culture Emerges. One of the key responsibilities of church leaders is to manage the church's culture, in all its forms, which I discussed in the first part of this article.
Our Top 5 Resources for Leading through Change
The best training tools to prepare for and manage transitions within your church.
Our Top 5 Resources for Leading through Change. The best training tools to prepare for and manage transitions within your church. Kristen Cloyd. 0; tweet;
Where Were You When It Happened?
Helping when mass tragedy strikes your congregation - Article
The following is not an exhaustive list of how to manage, but rather a set of starter notes for leaders on how to honor God and the families who suffer most when mass tragedy strikes.
Measuring What Matters: The Challenge of Church Metrics
Accurate church metrics are helpful. But we should never fool ourselves into thinking we can measure the immeasurable.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
Measuring What Matters. The idea that we can measure or manage anything that really matters would probably be accepted by every accountant and manager in the world.
Don’t Be Okay with Quitting
How to get in touch with your inner Navy SEAL - Article
We avoid stepping into the fray of life for fear of failure. We let anxiety convince us that we can't manage difficult things. We choose to numb instead of engage.
4 Ways to Invite God into Your Planning Meetings
Put the ministry back in your administration.
I mean someone who can manage his or her own reactivity to the automatic reactivity of others, and therefore be able to take stands at the risk of displeasing.
Pastoring a Church Between 100 and 200 Without Going Crazy
Some Dos and Don’ts for surviving and thriving in the awkward, in-between world of 100 to 200 in church attendance.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
But most pastors aren't called to be ranchers or to manage systems. Most of us are called to pastor people. So how do you manage this without going completely crazy?
These Churches Fought Domestic Poverty with the Gospel
And It Worked
Life program, a biblically integrated job preparedness curriculum, to help create income for people in their community, in the hopes they could train them to manage money afterwards.
What I Wish I Had Known about Stewardship
Five insights that changed my awkward relationship with this core part of the Christian life and church ministry.
However, generosity is only one characteristic of a biblical steward. A steward's primary responsibility is to manage the resources that are not given away.
How Your Church Feels About Money
What counts as ‘financial wisdom’ depends on your context.
It's not enough to manage church finances according to "sound business principles," because the definition of "sound business principles" varies widely, shaped by the culture, mindset
Why I Didn’t Write an Article about Health
…or did I? - Article
Too many times in my life, I have taken on more than I could handle, either because I thought I should in order to make others happy, or because I thought I could manage everything.
What the Church Needs to Know about Immigration
An Interview with Jenny Yang, Vice President of Advocacy and Policy for World Relief - Article
When they come here, they just need help in understanding how to manage day-to-day, transition into their new entry-level jobs, and how to get from one place to another.
Her Homiletics Professor Didn’t Think Women Should Preach
An interview with Dr. Marguerite Shuster, Professor of Preaching and Theology at Fuller Seminary - Article
I came to suspect that many of these women, often very able ones, really couldn't manage the threat of contemplating wider potential for themselves, lest the very traditional and
Women Leading in a New Era
An interview with leadership consultant Nancy Ortberg - Article
intersection of passion and humility. That's a tension that's really necessary, but it's difficult to manage well without God. So leaders who are passionate
Guard Your Study Time with a Blowtorch
…and other strategies for becoming a Pastor Theologian.
aren't quite as busy. Schedule your study time around such times. If you manage your own schedule, then you have no excuses. For those who aren't
Lead Me On: When Confidence Cracks
So you’re an unlikely vessel for God’s work. So was Rahab. - Article
promised to the Israelites. Joshua wanted to know if the Israelites could manage to overtake Jericho, so he sent two spies to check it out. The spies headed
New Management Needed
People aren't horses to be trained. Tips for "managing" souls.
Years ago before anyone called me their pastor, I was assigned a ministry team of about 15 people to manage. I wanted to manage them responsibly and with integrity.
Top 10 Resources for Mental Health Ministry
Books, websites, organizations, and people who can help you help those with mental illness and their families.
There are a variety of reasons, including a mental health care system that is notoriously difficult to access and expects people with brain-based disorders to manage their own care
The Ever-Broadening Role of the Pastor
Over the centuries, shepherding a flock has gotten a bit more complicated.
MANAGE It's no coincidence that the root word of “administration” is “ministry.” Taking care of people means caring for the health of the congregation, taking care of the systems, the
Vacation Resources for Cash-Strapped, Weary Pastors
Don’t let a shortage of funds prevent you from getting away.
Sometimes even when pastors manage to get away from their ministries for a short time, there's an expectation that they never be truly “off the clock” or away.
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