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Partnership in MissionSubscriber Access Only
Learning from others around the world.
Countdown to Summer FestivalSubscriber Access Only
This church takes family camp to the extreme and affects the entire community.
Giants in the LandSubscriber Access Only
Megachurches are waking up to address huge global and social issues, and smaller churches are making a big difference.
Lost and Found in the Asphalt JungleSubscriber Access Only
My children don't have a neat quarter-acre suburban backyard. Yet they call our inner-city mission field home.
We Can't Do Megachurch AnymoreSubscriber Access Only
What happens when an "attractional church" is compelled to go in a different direction?
Creating Uncommon-UnitySubscriber Access Only
Jesus' interaction with his disciples teaches us about true community.
Consider Summer MissionsSubscriber Access Only
A profitable way to spend your summer.
"But they're so Different…"Subscriber Access Only
How to reach the world that's moving into your neighborhood.
Premature HarvestSubscriber Access Only
Personal evangelism means planting, watching carefully, and waiting.
Idea Bag for Promoting MissionsSubscriber Access Only
Try these practical ideas for promoting missions in your local church.
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