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What Your Ministry is Really About
God’s people in God’s presence.
Lewis continues, “If they are not doing that, all the cathedrals, clergy, missions, sermons, even the Bible itself, are simply a waste of time. God became Man for no other purpose.
Digging In
Cultivating a healthy congregation begins with the church’s soil.
The church was so committed to outreach and missions that they were actually giving away 35 percent of their annual budget, and had a goal to give away 50 percent.
Ramps vs. Signs: Saying 'Yes' to Unexpected Ministry Opportunities
Churches on offense don't have to be offensive. We can meet people where they are while staying true to our message.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
Churches on offense don't have to be offensive. We can meet people where they are while staying true to our message.
Missional Budgeting
Does your ministry budget reflect God’s kingdom or church enterprise? - Article
They started pushing to move from 80 percent dedicated to what happens inside the building and 20 percent for missions and outreach, to 80 percent of the budget flowing out to
The Good Missionary
An African orphan on what he loves (and doesn't) about short-term mission teams.
Whether it was building a chicken coop, painting the dorm rooms, or fixing a borehole, many missions teams spent the few days they were with us doing, doing, doing.
Is My Church an Endangered Species?
Responding to the cultural and economic threats many congregations will face.
But we could afford to pay our mortgage, upkeep on the building, and two full-time salaries, while giving a good percentage to missions and funding all the ministries.
Why I Preach Grace-Filled Sermons
Your congregation needs rest, not a “to-do” list.
Be holy. Serve God. Get involved. Love your neighbor. Give. Give some more. Take a missions trip. Be a better person. Read your Bible. Pray. Join a small group. Be radical.
Confessions of an Adrenalin Addict
What I learned in weaning from the rush - Article
months prior, not knowing I was pregnant, I'd assumed the communications director role at Canadian Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec (CBWOQ), a women's missions organization
The Church that Drinks Together
In our town, refusing to drink alcohol may be a bigger stumbling block than serving it.
Kevin F. Foley is a clinical pathologist and professor in Portland, Oregon. He's an active member of his church and loves missions, music, apologetics, and donuts.
The Already-Exiled Church
Feeling excluded from mainstream culture? Join the club.
How could we be zealous for world missions and global justice while nurturing a blinding apathy toward our Christian neighbors? Flourishing in the Margins.
5 Questions Every Mission Trip Leader Asks
You can't plan for everything.
5 Questions Every Mission Trip Leader Asks. You can't plan for everything. David Staal. 0; tweet; link. share; share. expand: email; print. We recommend this
10 Novels for Discipleship
What if we recommended fiction alongside non-fiction when discipling others?
Where is God when his people suffer? Why does he seem silent when we need him most? 10. City of Tranquil Light by Bo Caldwell: the challenges of missions work.
5 Pastoral Pet Peeves
After decades in ministry, I’ve identified some Christian habits that get under my skin.
(Would your missions committee have supported Jonah?) And didn't an 80-year-old stuttering fugitive free a nation? (I might have let Moses lead our nursing home ministry).
A Ministry of the Mundane
The life of a pastor is filled with high spiritual moments, but it’s mostly conducted in the quiet, ordinary routines of church life.
had. The mundane isn't meaningless. Sometimes our well-meaning impulse toward missions and evangelism reduces the mundane to meaningless.
There's No Such Thing as Mental Illness
And other items from around the web.
What brought about this change of definition? And how has it impacted missions strategies? Dr. Robin Hadaway, professor of missions at Midwestern
Hopeful Outrage
How to transform anger into action.
Thank you, Alezandra! Creativity. From Thailand I traveled to Cambodia. I spent a few days with Don and Bridget Brewster, founders of Agape International Missions.
The Surprising Pastoral Wisdom of Elisabeth Elliot
Both complementarian and egalitarian pastors stand to learn from Elisabeth Elliot’s ministry.
everything she believed and taught. This applied not just to missions, but to marriage and the role of women as well. Elisabeth was a strong proponent
From Abandoned to Adopted
An Interview with Laura-Valentine Lock
When I went on my first missions trip with my high school to Mukono, Uganda we worked at an orphanage and it shocked me. I saw firsthand the cruel existence that these children face.
11 Types of Healthy Churches That Often Stay Small
No church should settle or stay stuck. But not every healthy church gets bigger.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
accepted a full-time position leading worship at another church, 2) an intern who is heading back home to Austria, and 3) a long-term member who will be training missions teams all
The Case for Counting
5 reasons measuring ministry results is biblical and essential.
As we see in both the Old and New Testament, there are multiple instances where people tracked the success of missions they'd been given by God. That just makes sense.
61–80 of 829 matches
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