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Leading Into the Unkown
The baby wouldn't come. Lewis gave her a potion of ground rattlesnake rings mixed with water, a pain killer the Indians had taught him, and within ten minutes she delivered.
How to make do when your church has less than enough.
Lean into the Pain. Survival situations arc racked with pain: emotional trauma over conflict, stress from unpaid bills, even anxiety over one's reputation.
Preaching the Terrors
acted out. It was real—that was the best he could do—and it was redemptive for him to witness real pain suffered in a way that seemed true to him. In
I heard, saw, and rubbed shoulders with pain, frustration, joy, accomplishment, depression, ambition, burnout, failure-everything that occurs in daily parish life.
The Gospel for Generation X
It is all too easy to generalize about busters, but here are several additional parts of their story: Pain. On bubbly. But below the surface often lies pain.
What do you become when ministry rubs the wrong way? Toug? Or tender?
It rarely causes pain, but it does complicate shoe-buying. Like Dr. Brand's fingers, my foot loses sensitivity to pain and pressure when it builds up the calluses.
New Christians VS. Vintage Jesus (Part 3)
Mark Driscoll responds.
My guess is that the style and stories will provide a glimpse into the pain of pastoral ministry and may be more what Chad was hoping for. I will make sure to send him a copy.
And if things have been going well (as they were with Jim), the congregation left behind often feels the pain of an abandoned spouse, and the aftershocks include any of the stages of
Prodigal in the House—Part II - Article
The pain and disappointment I felt as a parent made me wonder if this was a glimpse of how the Lord felt toward me when I rebelled against Him. 2. Learn to love supernaturally.
Not all healthy churches look alike, but a few family resemblances can be detected.
their care for people. They understand the pain of living in a fallen world and provide a safe respite from the storms of life. These congregations have
I've noticed that different people interpret what that means in different ways.
When we are full of come-alongside-ness, we will be willing to walk with people through their pain; we will listen before we try to fix. We will be with people.
When the Grief-Stricken get Grief-Stuck
Two techniques to help the grieving complete the journey.
Many people who see pastors for counseling after the loss of a loved one (usually through death or divorce) come because they struggle to move through their pain and into new life.
Leadership Forum
Parent-child conflict can be messy as well. One girl in her late teens was being physically abused by her parents, and I asked her how she was able to put up with the pain.
In it he describes the pain of being confronted by an inconsolable mother seeking answers for why her innocent twelve-year-old son was shot dead in the crossfire of a security police
Slaying Spiritual Skepticism
soccer ball. And now their answered prayer hurts more than their unanswered one. Pain is not the only story in this world, not by a long shot. But it is
How to Be an Effective Mentor
The what, why, and how of ministry apprenticeship.
What are some things we could do that would help you to be more a person of integrity? What pain have you experienced and what were some of the effects of that pain?
Help For an Older Single Man
What are churches doing to help?
"We don't need help with the sex issue, nor do we need much help in trying to find the right person. But we do need help in dealing with the pain of being alone in middle-age.
I Had an Affair
My husband wasn't making me happy. So why not look elsewhere for intimacy?
I listened as all the hurt poured from him. When he could yell no more, he went for a walk while I laid in bed and cried. All the yelling and pain snapped me back to reality.
Losing My Appetite for Cynicism
my thinking can become distorted. If I am under enough pressure and others inflict enough pain on me, I can become cynical. Such was the case, as
981–1000 of 1000 matches
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