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5 Numbers to Watch this Fall - Article
to them. Groups are difficult in a small town. You can read my thoughts on why here. But, they are vital to keeping people connected to the church. If your
Engagement: A Small Church Advantage We Need To Cultivate
Getting a few people engaged and involved is far more important than attracting a big crowd.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
is true for groups of all types, including churches. In the last few years I've come to appreciate this principle in some very concrete ways. And it's something every small church pastor
Stop Complicating Ministry: The Smaller The Church, The Simpler We Need To Keep It
Ministry will never be easy, but it doesn’t have to be as complicated as we make it.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
Small, Simple Examples. For example, every church growth strategist tells us we need vibrant small groups. And they're right. Healthy churches need
What’s the Status of the Clergy Housing Allowance?
Updates on court timelines, the appeal, and more. - Article
as early as this summer.” In the meantime, various Christian groups, including the speaking, the loss of the housing allowance would disproportionately affect small congregations (a
The Illusion Of Pastoral Control In A Small Church
If you’re a small church pastor who’s been frustrated with your inability to gain control of the church, stop trying. There's a better way.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
to many factors, including the sociological phenomenon called The Law of Large Numbers (which I describe in some detail in my book Small Church Essentials) small groups of people
Church and State Case • Religious Voters • Church Security: News Roundup
This week’s headlines that affect churches and church leaders. - Article
US District Court Judge Roger Vinson ruled in favor of the groups and ordered the cross to is such a vast number of American churches that the number of violent incidents is small. . . .
How to Make the Bible Central in Small Groups
And the shift in leader training that makes all the difference. - Article
How to Make the Bible Central in Small Groups. And the 3 Simple Tools for Bible Study Want to help your small groups engage the Bible directly? Here are
4 Ways to Make an Agenda Work for You
Consider which approach may work best for your meetings. - Article
And the advantage is productivity—no unnecessary debate on small points about which no one disagrees! 3. Subject-Based Agenda. A third option groups topics by large categories.
Join Our Summer Study Group
Meet with women from across the country for community, encouragement, and discussion. - Article
As the minister for small groups and community outreach, I was eager to get started and excited to join people together in meaningful community gatherings.
How to Keep Your Meetings Short
The secret to making meetings brief and efficient. - Article
In small groups, this happens by a show of hands. The presiding officer can simply ask, “Who would like to speak in favor of/opposition to this motion?”.
10 Ways to Help Single Women Flourish in Ministry
Whether single or married, we can all advocate for single women in ministry. - Article
I am fortunate to know many amazing single women in ministry. They serve in student ministry, women's ministry, missions, small groups, teaching roles, and church planting.
Making the Leap from Marketplace to Ministry
Five truths to keep in mind when God calls you to a big career change - Article
Doing…some kind of thing? Thankfully, God had more coherent plans. Four months into taking classes, I was encouraged to apply for a small groups position at my church.
5 Steps for Disciple Multiplication
A simple tool for apprenticing followers of Christ who can apprentice others.
We recommend this Building Church Leaders training tool: Equipping Women to Lead Small Groups Equipping Women to Lead Small Groups Learn More.
Pastoral Training Is Changing
It's not a straight path to the pulpit anymore.
Leaders training tool: Equipping Women to Lead Small Groups Equipping Women to Lead Small Groups Learn More. Ask almost any
What About Those Sheep-Stealing Megachurches?
Megachurches keep getting bigger while small churches seem to struggle more than they used to. It's easy to think one is causing the other.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
to small churches, much of the conversation surrounds this question. Are megachurches actually reaching new people for Jesus, or are believers gathering into ever-larger groups,
The Value of a Small Church: Personalized Major League Coaching
Schools, sports and megachurches recognize the value of breaking into smaller groups for learning, coaching and relationships. So why do we devalue it in smaller churches?
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
Coaching is done better in smaller, more intimate settings than in larger, less personalized groups. That's why healthy big churches emphasize their small group ministries.
9 Tips for Planning a Safe VBS
How to prepare for this significant summer event. - Article
to meet with everyone you hope will help with VBS, it is important that you get a small team of Be sure to order a curriculum that fits with your church's setting and the age groups you're
Pariah and Paragon
Women in ministry are often held to two extremes at once. - Article
my calling in different seasons: campus minister, seminary student, volunteer chaplain, small-group director color what it's like to stand in for entire races, nationalities, and ethnic groups.
The Modern Myth Of The Persistently Growing Congregation
The addition or multiplication of small congregations has always been the typical way the church has grown.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
larger groups is always the answer. Constant numerical growth has never been the norm for healthy churches, historically. Instead, the addition or multiplication of small congregations
Should You Take on More?
5 questions to decide if projects outside your role are right for you - Article
I serve as the pastor of small groups in our church, but like many of you, I am usually involved in a few ministry projects not directly related to my role.
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