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Temptations in Ministry
Sinful behavior may be visible, but the source of that behavior is beneath the surface.
Temptations in Ministry. They are symptoms. Much deeper temptations are the root issues that make Christian leaders susceptible to the glory, the gold, and the girls.
Diminish the Power of Negative Circumstances
Take control of your circumstances by changing your mindset. - Article
In this lesser-known sermon, Dr. King suggests that one of the great temptations is to become too absorbed in our circumstances, which leads to the conclusion that changing our
Our Best on Ministry’s Dangers, Toils, and Snares
9 tools to help you overcome the temptations of leadership.
Our Best on Ministry's Dangers, Toils, and Snares. 9 tools to help you overcome the temptations of leadership. Marshall Shelley. 0; tweet; link. share; share.
Can We Stop the Fall from Grace?
It’s unwise to believe we can fight temptation in our own power. - Article
I had already been praying daily for my husband and for myself to be protected from temptations, but this was a reminder not to let up because Satan wasn't going to stop.
3 Temptations of Leadership: Abuse of Power
Often masked as something else, the sin of leaders can hide in plain sight - Article
3 Temptations of Leadership: Abuse of Power. Often masked as something else, the sin of leaders can hide in plain sight. Read as Single PagePage 1 of 3. 0; tweet; email; print.
Why Moral Failure Happens When Ministry Is Going Great
7 characteristics of success that can lead to adultery.
behavior. 4. Spiritual attacks ramp up while spiritual vigilance goes down. Satan detests faithful ministry, so temptations and deception increase. Ministry
3 Temptations of Leadership: Envy
It’s just one of the respectable sins we find easy to hide while it poisons us - Article
3 Temptations of Leadership: Envy. 0; tweet; email; print. Christian leaders struggle with all sorts of temptations. We fool ourselves if we think otherwise.
3 Temptations of Leadership: Pride
Watch out for the many faces of this destructive sin - Article
3 Temptations of Leadership: Pride. Watch out for the many faces of this destructive sin. Read as Single PagePage 1 of 3. 0; tweet; email; print. In an op-ed
The Ever-Broadening Role of the Pastor
Over the centuries, shepherding a flock has gotten a bit more complicated.
In spiritual leadership, that means tending your own internal life: your relationship with God, the health of your soul, emotions, attitudes, ambitions, and temptations.
The Church's Next 10,000 Years
When considering the future, could our vision be much too small?
In our congregations, the people who come on Sunday are facing temptations wildly different from those of our grandparents' generation—technologies and trends that are all new and
Keys to Preventing Adultery
Resisting sexual temptation involves taking practical steps and caring for your soul.
To help us think through the sexual temptations leaders face, we talked to Michael Todd Wilson, author of the forthcoming book, Unburdened, the Christian Leader's Path to Sexual
Flesh Pinched in the Cogs
When ministry expectations draw blood.
We have been promised that the world will reject our testimony, that there are spiritual forces at work to undermine our efforts, that temptations will keep us and our flock from following
My Two Days with Eugene and Jan Peterson
What’s still taking root 5 years after a transformational visit.
in my heart. 1. Pastoral ministry is personal and local. The possibilities technology have afforded us come with a new set of temptations. For pastors, it
Rise Up, Part 1
What young women need from their leaders - Article
Though the risk of a fiery furnace now looks more like the darts and bullets of cultural temptations, these women are ready and willing to do life differently than their young adult
Seeing God on the Silver Screen
An interview with Kevin Harvey on how engaging pop culture might be the best way to share the gospel.
box office. Certainly there are lines to draw and temptations to stay away from. I would never call for an all-out pop culture party for all Christians. But
When to Be Vulnerable
God can use your brokenness to help others. - Article
I wrote an article for a magazine from a women's perspective; pointing out that sexual struggles are not just a "male problem"— women have many of the same temptations.
3 Truths About the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’
A painful and profound reality that shatters illusions.
Previously helpful spiritual practices no longer delivered. And growing temptations to look at pornography or lose himself in Fantasy Football were worrying him and his wife.
Why 'Don't Do It' Doesn't Work
Raised in a culture that porn-ifies sex and deifies desire, today's young adults need a bigger vision of sexuality.
struggles. In recent years, I've heard numerous college students—guys and girls both—talk about their sexual experiences, desires, and temptations.
The Secret of Strategic Neglect
Bill Hybels on the keys to simpler and more effective leadership.
We all have those temporary feel-good activities or temptations we turn to when our souls get depleted, but what we're looking for really are streams of replenishment that do more than
The Dirty Secrets of Church Planting (Part 1)
Five hard truths they didn’t tell you in seminary.
consumeristic choices and the ways of the world. The people God has called you to love and serve have whims and temptations. If you are planting a church, you
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