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The New Christian Bourgeoisie
Are we sharing the gospel, or tidy messages of cultural privilege?
When Sin Works
Manipulation and coercion can help you succeed in ministry, but the tradeoff is hell.
Speak to "Your" People
I'm learning that preaching excellence can't be separated from geography—namely, all the faces in my local church.
Serving from the Spotlight
Servant leadership doesn't mean just setting up the chairs.
Serving the Suburban Poor
We're all richer when we realize that poverty is in the cul-de-sac too.
The Bohemians
Mark Twain and Co. in San Francisco.
Leading the 21st Century Church
Pining for the days of the early church can distract us from leading faithfully today.
The Age of Ambition
Our focus on reaching more people could take our attention away from those God has placed in our midst.
The Boomerang Sermon
In sermon prep, we discover that we need God's message as much as anyone.
The Circle
A resonant fable from Dave Eggers.