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Holy, But Not Homogenous
Jesus saves us from sin, not from our diverse cultures.
Get Over Preaching Narcissism
I'm learning to not begin with myself. To not begin where I am. To not begin with what I need to say. I'm learning to begin where the church is and where God is.
Praying with My Feet
How prayer walks connect me to the tragedy and joys of my neighborhood.
Free indeed?
Doing Good News Goodly
Moving away from an "oppressive" gospel.
Fallen stars
Womanizers and Nazis
How do you deal with tainted spiritual heroes?
The Love of Letting Be
What if we stopped trying to rationalize God ... and other people?
5 Ways to Recover 'After' Your Sermon
When the lights are off, the sermon is done, and everyone's gone home, how do you handle the lows of preaching?
Be Our Guest
The Importance of Being Guested
Both mission and the cross demand Christians who can graciously receive.
God's Huckster
Preaching Jesus in a politically-charged climate.
'Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?'
Self-disclosure from the pulpit.