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Lying Lips, Quivering Knees
Theme of the Week: Spurn Spin
Marriage Mending
Theme of the Week: Renovate Your Romance
Andy Stanley: What Is No One Else Doing?
At a Catalyst Conference a while back, Andy Stanley introduced the provocative concept: "To reach people no one else is reaching, we have to do things no one else is doing."
Andy Stanley: Jesus Ended the Old Covenant Once and for All
A brief response to Robert Foster on my book, ‘Irresistible.’
Seasons Change
How I plan my preaching emphases throughout the year.
My Formula for Preaching (part 1)
How to outline your messages so they retain a relational quality
Hot Seat
Theme of the Week: Repeat Repenter
Courage and Commitment
Goal to Go
Andy Stanley: Leading with Clarity
When Moses died, Joshua inherited the responsibility of leading the people of Israel into the Promised Land. Unfortunately, Joshua didn't know anything about taking the land; all his education was in the fine art of wandering the desert.
Andy Stanley: Your Only Authority
"Everybody is a volunteer." Since anyone can leave at any time depending on the authenticity of our moral authority, that is how we should see those we lead - even the paid employees.
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