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Leader's Insight: Assessing Character
Part two of a series, "The Three Legs of Trust".
Better Starts for Emerging Leaders
It was time well spent in the traditional church.
Reverse Mentoring
The new learning curve is from the bottom up.
Leader's Insight: Don't Stuff the Dog
The leadership perils of spiritual taxidermy.
Discerning Your Church's Hidden Core Values
It's the unstated, underlying purpose that really drives a church.
Put an End to Trading Season
What it takes to make your ministry a true contender.
9 Clues to Secret Core Values
More on discerning your church's hidden agenda.
Leader's Insight: Under-Communicating
Why aren't people listening to what I think I'm saying? Conclusion of the series The Three Legs of Trust.
Leader's Insight: Who Really Needs Church?
Coping with the death of ecclesiology.
When Ministry Jumps the Shark
Can we recover from goofy, life-altering episodes?