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Discerning Your Church's Hidden Core Values
It's the unstated, underlying purpose that really drives a church.
Leader's Insight: Who Really Needs Church?
Coping with the death of ecclesiology.
9 Clues to Secret Core Values
More on discerning your church's hidden agenda.
Leader's Insight: Under-Communicating
Why aren't people listening to what I think I'm saying? Conclusion of the series The Three Legs of Trust.
Put an End to Trading Season
What it takes to make your ministry a true contender.
When Ministry Jumps the Shark
Can we recover from goofy, life-altering episodes?
Leader's Insight: How Competent Are You?
Part three of a series, "The Three Legs of Trust."
Leader's Insight: Assessing Character
Part two of a series, "The Three Legs of Trust".
Better Starts for Emerging Leaders
It was time well spent in the traditional church.
Reverse Mentoring
The new learning curve is from the bottom up.