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Cheated by the Affirming Church
Contrary to what some churches teach, it is homosexuality—and not its suppression—that enslaves people like me.
Life in an American Underground Church
Consider a lifestyle choice about how you do ministry.
Same-Sex Marriage: New Challenges, New Opportunities
4 Christian leaders reflect on how the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage could affect churches.
Eutychus: A Recovery Discovery
My Conversation with God
I had no idea what God would do when I asked him to use me.
The Dirty Secrets of Church Planting (Part 2)
More hard truths they didn’t tell you in seminary.
Getting into the FLOW of Small Groups
A case study of a Midwestern church that, as it grew, was looking for a way that could make the church smaller as it became larger.
Stripping Jesus of His Western Garb