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One Church, Many Congregations
How a group of pastors is reaching a region as Christ Together.
What Do We Bring to the Bible? (free sample)
Uncover your presuppositions to unlock a new way of understanding.
An Unspoiled View
Following Jesus means learning to see truth behind the appearances.
The Value of Lent and Good Friday
Don't skip too fast to Easter morning.
Prophet in the Pulpit
A Leadership Journal review
The Green-Letter Bible
Is a green-letter Bible the answer to our environmental crisis?
Audio Ur: Jon Trott on Community and Ministry
How can communal living enhance ministry?
All Ministry Is Local
Why ministry models are not universally applicable.
Mormons, Mormons Everywhere
What can evangelicals learn from the "I'm a Mormon" campaign?
Scandal of the Evangelical Imagination
Why right thinking and right doing are not enough.
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