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It's All About Who, Jesus?
If worship is for God, why are so many songs about us?
Bless This House?
Why efforts to renew the church are often misguided.
Our Allergic Reactions
Some react to churches doing things cheap and sloppy, others to doing things "with excellence." Either way, a bad reaction can be deadly.
Virtual Virtue and Real Presence
When a "virtual presence" replaces an incarnated presence, it may be that our virtue is virtual as well.
Good Marginal Thinking
The heroes of church history began as reflective Christians who doubted what everyone else took for granted.
The Passion of Hotel Rwanda
A year after Mel Gibson's movie, I found an even more Christian film—one that most Christians are ignoring.
Christians Who Are Informed, Not Transformed
Too many Christians have gotten lots of information but are the least Christ-like
Faithfully Dangerous
Christians in postmodern times
Underneath the Cosmetics
Before asking how church should look, let's make sure we're clear what the church is for.
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