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Peretti in the House
This collaboration between Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker is a thrilling disappointment.
High-Tech Circuit Riders
Satellite churches are discovering a new way to grow the body of Christ.
Cloning Report Breeds Confusion
Does it open the door to 'therapeutic cloning'?
Defying the Church
Front line of Communion war spreads to homosexuality.
C. S. Lewis Superstar
How a reserved British intellectual with a checkered pedigree became a rock star for evangelicals.
11 Portraits of Charleston Survivors' Grief and Grace
CT sent a reporter and a photographer to be with the family members of several victims.
Responding to Injuries at Church
What to do when employees or volunteers get hurt.
Security Gaffes
Evangelical schools worry over post-9/11 visa rules.
When Does Personhood Begin?
And what difference does it make?
Running Out of Miracles
Big Idea creator Phil Vischer had his dream crumble, but he's no longer s-scared.