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Rick Warren on Radical Membership
Are you unknowingly encouraging your attenders to commit "spiritual adultery"?
Tim Keller on Justification and Justice
Addressing doctrinal divisions on day one of the Q conference.
Mission & Justice on Capitol Hill
Jim Wallis and Mark Dever go head-to-head on one of the hottest issues in the church today.
The Ambition Engine
Ambition can drive us to service to God and others, or it can be a veneer that hides far less noble motivations.
Skye Jethani: Redefining Radical (Part 1)
Why the call to radical mission is not the solution to consumer Christianity.
Skye Jethani: Redefining Radical (Part 2)
What ever happened to a theology of calling and vocation?
Special Needs Boy Removed From Worship
Can the values of entertainment and hospitality coexist?
Faith, Science, & the Resurrection (Part 1)
What the Resurrection says about the nature of the cosmos, and how it might impact the science vs. faith debate.
No, We're Not a Hate Group
Another explanation for the "Crazy Uncle" Christians in the media.
New Pope Praised by Evangelicals
Could the papacy of Francis I include more dialogue and unity between Catholics and Evangelicals?
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