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My Husband Isn’t Called to Ministry
My dreams of ministering together were dashed, but I got something better in return.
How Not to Lose Your Identity in Ministry
When I took a break from ministry, I realized I’d lost more than my job.
What Do You Do in Your Spare Time?
If you laugh at that question, you’re doing ministry wrong.
You Are Needed
The church—the entire body of Christ—needs women leaders.
Break Your Day into Thirds
A creative way to avoid burnout in ministry
An Open Letter to Young Women Leaders
The glory of God is man—and woman—fully alive.
Please Don’t Make Me Feel Used
Crossing the line between friendship and ministry
Jumping with God into Children’s Ministries
Ministering to children as the fully spiritually aware, intuitive thinkers they are.
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
How to know whether to leave or stay in your ministry context.
How to Prepare for Speaking at a Conference
What I’ve learned from 15 years of speaking at various events.