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Locally Grown Leadership
Rather than importing pastors from elsewhere, these churches are discovering the benefits of cultivating new leaders from within.
The War of Online Words
There's nothing virtual about e-conflict.
Becoming a Missional Church
Understand exactly what being a missional church looks like, how to make it happen, and how to make it work.
More Debate: Is It Church Yet?
Real, authentic church will survive our faulty man-made organizations.
Leader's Insight: The Disappearing Middle
What the growing gap in our culture means for churches, leaders, and volunteers.
Live Nude God
Why Church Isn't Really a Church
Too often, it's just another charitable organization. But there's hope.
Leader's Insight: NASCAR and the Emerging Culture
New traction for understanding shifts in postmodern ministry.
Lead from Your Strengths
A top leader says trying to shore up your weak spots is a waste of time.
The Missional Leader
How does a leader prepare to redirect a church toward its mission in the world?
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