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The Authentic Preacher: Charlie Dates
A Video Interview with Charlie Dates
Preaching the Lament Psalms
Reaching God in the midst of distress.
The Color of Preaching
The benefits of preaching with aesthetic value.
White Churches, It’s Time to Go Pro-Life on Guns
The Christian majority in America needs to shake off its malaise and work with Black pastors to end shooting violence.
Tell the Whole Truth
The benefit of preaching through the redemptive historical narrative.
There’s No Dishonor in Kneeling: A Response on Colin Kaepernick
Charlie Dates responds to Ed Stetzer's article on Kaepernick’s protest
Don’t Give up on the Black Church
Many black ministers-in-training are turning on the black church. Here’s why they should give it a second look.
What We Can Learn From The Black Church When We Are Pushed To The Margins
The powerful, painful history of the Black Church has much to teach us as our culture continues to push the church to the margins of society.
The Nexus of Emotion and Proclamation
Preaching should not be void of emotion.
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