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I Found Purpose at the End of My Pastorate
Moving on doesn't have to mean leaving ministry behind.
The New Christian Bourgeoisie
Are we sharing the gospel, or tidy messages of cultural privilege?
When Sin Works
Manipulation and coercion can help you succeed in ministry, but the tradeoff is hell.
Speak to "Your" People
I'm learning that preaching excellence can't be separated from geography—namely, all the faces in my local church.
Rehearing the Good News for the Poor
How can a rich church like mine rediscover the power of the gospel?
My Most Reliable Ministry Tool: Keeping My Mouth Shut
In a world of noise, people need us to listen with God’s ears.
The New Televangelists
I had to look past celebrity ministry to learn how to really pastor.
Dallas Willard Changed My Ministry Forever
How I came to see ordinary life, rather than church, as the focus of God's work.
Serving from the Spotlight
Servant leadership doesn't mean just setting up the chairs.
Serving the Suburban Poor
We're all richer when we realize that poverty is in the cul-de-sac too.