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Matters of Motherhood
One of the most surprise-filled job choices a woman can make.
"Worship Artists" You Should Know
Handel and Bach share much in common with those in our churches today who lead worshippers to God's throne.
Bloom Where You’re Quarantined
Some of us were lonely well before the pandemic. How do we find God’s comfort now?
This Easter, The Weary World Rejoices. But First It Grieves.
As a widow, I have newfound appreciation for why the mourning of Holy Saturday is indispensable to the journey toward joy.
Tuned in to the Truth
Diverse programming on Christian radio brings the gospel to a growing number of people.
Churches Are Putting the ‘Hospital’ Back in Hospitality
COVID-era congregations are finding better ways to minister to their grieving parishioners and neighbors.
Pastoral Care
Letting Grief Come to Church
Five ways to welcome what may feel unwelcome once doors reopen.
The Extraordinary Cost of Lavish Love
Valentine’s Day can feel unnecessary when you’ve been married awhile. But when your spouse dies, you want every day to be Valentine’s.
Four Reasons for a Pandemic Funeral
Don't distance from mourning. You need the power of worship to usher your loved ones to glory.
How Shall We Now Grieve Abortion?
After Roe v. Wade is overturned, we must find new ways to turn our mourning into action.