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How Pastors Rate as Leaders
Leadership surveys pastors and their congregations.
5 Big Questions from 'The Da Vinci Code'
Give this free handout to friends and family who have questions about this controversial subject.
The Best Zoning Defense ...?
Battles between cities and churches over zoning are increasing. One congregation decided to sue preemptively.
Jesus Saves; Americans Spend
Will the church rise up as a voice of reason in a culture addicted to spending?
The X Factor
What have we learned from the rise, decline, and renewal of "Gen-X" ministries?
Five Myths about Emerging Adult Faith
New research on 20-somethings gets past the hype and offers a reason to hope.
The Hansen Report: Warren, Obama, and McCain
Reflections on the Saddleback Civil Forum.
The Hansen Report: Where Are You From?
Can you shepherd a flock that won't stay put?
The Hansen Report: Modern versus Postmodern Politics
Can differences between McCain and Obama be explained by worldview categories?
The Hansen Report: The Day After
Election day is here, but what will tomorrow bring?