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My Encounter with Ken Ham's Giant Ark
A four-hour visit to the massive replica of Noah's boat left me with a flood of questions.
Confessions of a Sixth-Grade Youth Group Rock God
What I gleaned from my brief flirtation with praise-and-worship stardom.
The Introvert's Guide to Surviving Church Greeting Time
It turns out church services aren't solitary affairs. Ugh. Now what?
The 5 Stages of Realizing You're a Nursery Worker
Those Dixie cups won't fill themselves with Cheerios on their own, you know.
How to Survive the Sermon When Your Pastor Goes Off-Script
Brace yourself. Improv is coming.
Your Youth Pastor Should Totally Be a Millionaire by Now
Discipling adolescents isn't all Ping-Pong and Pixy Stix, you know.
5 Committees Your Church Needs, Like, Right Now
Because nothing says "spiritual health" like a smorgasbord of service.
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